2019 Edition

Chair: Sergio Saponara

Proceedings: LINK

Special Issues: Energies, Sensors


Pisa,  September 11-13, 2019

Session 1 – Rad-Hard Electronics

  1. Croci, A. Morozzi, P. Placidi, D. Passeri. Advanced Radiation Sensors VLSI Design in CMOS technology for High Energy Physics Applications.
  2. Cammarata, G. Ciarpi, S. Faralli, P. Velha, G. Magazzù, F. Palla, S. Saponara. Design, Operation and BER Test of Multi-Gb/s Radiation-Hard Drivers in 65 nm Technology for Silicon Photonics Optical Modulators.
  3. Traversi, L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, M. Pezzoli, L. Ratti, V. Re, E. Riceputi, M. Sonzogni. A rad-hard bandgap voltage reference for High Energy Physics experiments.
  4. Monda, G. Ciarpi, S. Saponara, G. Mangraviti, L. Berti. Analysis and Comparison of Ring and LC-tank Oscillators for 65 nm Integration of Rad-Hard VCO for SpaceFibre Applications.
  5. Pettinato, A. Orsini, M. C. Rossi, D. Tagnani, M. Girolami, S. Salvatori. A Compact Gated Integ rator for Conditioning Pulsed Analog Signals.

Session 2 – Internet of Things

  1. Maya López, A. Solanas. Multivariate Microaggregation with Fixed Group Size Based on the Travelling Salesman Problem.
  2. Orcioni, C. Scavongelli, M. Conti. Modular design of electronic appliances for reliability enhancement in a circular economy perspective.
  3. Albanese, D. D’Acunto, D. Brunelli. Pest detection for Precision Agriculture based on IoT Machine Learning application.
  4. Cirillo, R. Passerone, A. Posenato, L. Rizzon. Statistical Flow Classification for the IoT.
  5. Sisinni, D. F. Carvalho, P. Ferrari, P. Bellitti, N. F. Lopomo, M. Serpelloni. Using LPWAN connectivity for elderly activity monitoring in smartcity scenarios.

Session 3 – Processors & Memories

  1. Asciolla, L. Dilillo, D. Santos, D. Melo, A. Menicucci, M. Ottavi. Characterization of a RISC-V Microcontroller through Fault Injection.
  2. Falbo, T. Apicella, D. Aurioso, L. Danese, F. Bellotti, R. Berta and A. De Gloria. Analyzing Machine Learning on Mainstream Microcontrollers.
  3. Stazi, A. Mastrandrea, M. Olivieri, F. Menichelli. Quality aware selective ECC for approximate DRAM.
  4. Baldanzi, L. Crocetti, F. Falaschi, J. Belli, L. Fanucci, S. Saponara. Digital Random Number Generator Hardware Accelerator IP-Core for Security Applications.
  5. Polonelli, D. Battistini, M. Rusci, D. Brunelli, L. Benini. An Energy Optimized JPEG Encoder for Parallel Ultra-Low-Power Processing-Platforms.

Session 4 – VLSI & Signal Processing

  1. Solo, R, Peloso, M. Capra, M. Ruo Roch, G. Masera, M. Martina. VLSI architectures for the Steerable-Discrete-Cosine-Transform (SDCT)
  2. Akkad, R. Ayoubi, A, Mansour, B. Elhassan. Hardware Architecture for a Bit-Serial Odd-Even Transposition Sort Network with On-The-Fly Compare and Swap.
  3. Di Meo, D. De Caro, E. Napoli, N. Petra, A. Strollo. Variable-Rounded LMS Filter for Low-Power Applications.
  4. Bassoli, V. Bianchi, I. De Munari. A Simulink Model-based Design of a Floating-point Pipelined Accumulator with HDL Coder Compatibility for FPGA Implementation.
  5. Andrighetti, G. Turvani, G. Santoro, M. Vacca, M. Ruo Roch, M. Graziano, M. Zamboni. Bitmap Index: a Processing-in-Memory reconfigurable implementation.

Session 5 – Digital Circuits & AI Data Processing

  1. D’Arco, E. Napoli, E. Zacharelos. Digital Circuit for the Arbitrary Selection of Sample Rate in Digital Storage Oscilloscopes.
  2. Giammatteo., G. Valente, A. D’Ortenzio. An Intelligent Informative Totem Application based on deep CNN in Edge Regime.
  3. D. Russo, D. Ricci.FPGA-based Clock Phase Alignment Circuit for Frame Jitter Reduction 
  4. Rossi, R. M. Rosales, P. Motto Ros, D. Demarchi. Real-Time Embedded System for Event-Driven sEMG Acquisition and FES Control.
  5. Rossi, M. Cococcioni, S. Saponara, E. Ruffaldi. A Fast Approximation of the Hyperbolic Tangent when Using Posit Numbers and its Application to Deep Neural Networks.

Session 6 – Sensors & Sensing Electronic Systems

  1. Ria, M. Piotto, M. Cicalini, A. Nannini, P. Bruschi. 2-D acoustic particle velocity sensors based on a commercial post-CMOS MEMS technology.
  2. Muanenda, S. Faralli, C. J. Oton, F. Di Pasquale. A High-SNR Distributed Acoustic Sensor based on Φ-OTDR using a Scalable Phase Demodulation Scheme without Phase Unwrapping.
  3. Piedimonte, D.A.M. Feyen, M. Mercola, A Messina, M. Renzi, F. Palma. Silicon nanowires as contact between the cell membrane and CMOS circuits.
  4. Bertacchini, M. Lasagni , G. Sereni. Ultra-Low Power Displacement Sensor.
  5. R. Marrazzo, F. Fienga, M. Riccio, L. Maresca, A. Irace, G. Breglio. Simulation of an Optical-to-Digital Converter for High Frequency FBG Interrogator.
  6. Merenda, D. Laurendi, D. Iero, D. D’Addona, F. Della Corte. Wireless Sensors for Intraoral Force Monitoring.

Session 7 – Power and High Voltage Electronics

  1. Ragonese, N. Spina, A. Parisi, G. Palmisano. Reinforced Galvanic Isolation: Integrated Approaches to Go Beyond 20-kV Surge Voltage.
  2. Baronti, R. Di Rienzo, R. Roncella, G. Simonte, R. Saletti. Experimental characterization of a commercial Sodium-Nickel chloride battery for telecom applications.
  3. Alessandrini, R. Barbieri, L. Berzi, F. Cignini, A. Genovese, F. Ortenzi, M. Pierini, L. Pugi. Design and Development of a Prototype of Flash Charge Systems for Public Transportation Systems.
  4. Gianoglio, A. Bruzzone, E. Ragusa, P. Gastaldo. Unsupervised Monitoring System for PredictiveMaintenance of High Voltage Apparatus.
  5. Dini, S. Saponara. Control System Design for Cogging Torque Reduction Based on Sensor-less Architecture.

Session 8 – Signal & Data Processing

  1. Di Nunzio, G. Cardarilli, M. Re, R. Fazzolari, D. Giardino, S. Spanò, M. Matta. Acoustic Emissions Detection and Ranging of Cracks in metal Tanks using Deep Learning.
  2. Gaiduk, R. Seepold, N. Martínez Madrid, S. Orcioni, M. Conti. Recognizing breathing rate and movement while sleeping in home environment.
  3. De Bortoli, F. Guzzi, S. Marsi, S. Carrato, G. Ramponi. A fast face recognition CNN obtained by distillation.
  4. Bellitto, V. Schenone, F. Bellotti, R. Berta, A. De Gloria. Fine-grain Traffic Control for Smart Intersections.
  5. Zonzini, A. Girolami, D. Brunelli, N. Testoni, A. Marzani, L. De Marchi. A graph signal processing technique for vibration analysis with clustered sensor networks.
  6. Malatesta, N. Testoni, A. Marzani, L. De Marchi. Guided waves Direction of Arrival estimation based on calibrated multiresolution wavelet analysis.
  7. Guidi, E. Boni, A. Dallai, V. Meacci, P. Tortoli. High-frame-rate ultrasound color flow imaging.

Interactive Posters Session 1 – Vehicular, Robotic & Energy Electronic Systems

  1. Panicacci, G. Giuffrida, L. Baldanzi, L. Massari, G. Terruso, M. Zalteri, M.Filosa, G. Tonietti, C. M. Oddo, L. Fanucci. Empowering deafblind communication capabilities by means of AI-based body parts tracking and remotely controlled robotic arm for sign language speakers
  2. Boni, M. Montagni, L. Pugi. Project VELA, Upgrades and Simulation Models of the UNIFI Autonomous Sail Drone
  3. Carloni, F. Baronti, R. Di Rienzo, R. Roncella, R. Saletti. DC-link capacitor sizing method for a wireless power transfer circuit to be used in drone opportunity charging
  4. Gagliardi, S. Saponara. Distributed Video Antifire Surveillance System based on IoT Embedded Computing Nodes.
  5. Abbatessa, S. Saponara, D. Dente. Integrated simulation environment for co-design/verification of mechanic, electronic and control of automotive e-drives: the smart-latch case study.
  6. Muttillo, T. de Rubeis, D. Ambrosini, G. Ferri. Spice model of photovoltaic panel for electronic system design.
  7. Fiore, L. Mihet Popa, S. Saponara. Exhaustive modeling of electric vehicle dynamics, power train and energy storage/conversion for electrical component sizing and diagnostic.

Interactive Posters Session 1 – IoT & Integrated Circuits

  1. Caselli, A. Boni. Analysis of 3-D MPPT for RF Harvesting.
  2. Mestice, S. Saponara, B. Neri. Analysis and simulation of a PLL architecture towards a fully integrated 65nm solution for the new Spacefibre standard.
  3. Cucchi, S. Di Pascoli, G. Iannaccone. Stability and startup of nonlinear loop circuits.
  4. Kobeissi, R. Berta, F. Bellotti, A. De Gloria. IoT Ubiquitous Edge Engine Implementation on the Raspberry PI.
  5. Woehrl, D. Brunelli. Non-intrusive Load Monitoring on the Edge of the Network: A Smart Measurement Node.
  6. Nannipieri, G. Dinelli, L. Dello Sterpaio, A. Marino, L. Fanucci. Design of a SpaceFibre High-Speed Satellite Interface ASIC.
  7. Marsi, S. Carrato, L. De Bortoli, F. Guzzi, G. Ramponi. An FPGA realization for real-time depthestimation in image sequences.

Interactive Posters Session 3 – Digital Circuits & Systems

  1. Dinelli, G. Meoni, P. Nannipieri, L. Dello Sterpaio, A. Marino, L. Fanucci. Integration of a SpaceFibre IP core with the LEON3 microprocessor through an AMBA AHB bus.
  2. Blasi, F. Vigli, A. Cheikh, A. Mastrandrea, F. Menichelli, M. Olivieri. A RISC-V Fault-Tolerant Microcontroller Core Architecture Based on a Hardware Thread Full-Weak protection and a Thread-Controlled Watch-dog Timer.
  3. Meoni, A. Valverde, G. Magistrati, L. Fanucci. Estimating the downlink data-rate of a CCSDS File Delivery Protocol IP Core.
  4. Matera, S. Ricci. Automatic detection of the carotid artery position for blind Echo-Doppler blood flow investigation.
  5. Cheikh, S. Sordillo, A. Mastrandrea, F. Menichelli, M. Olivieri. Efficient mathematic accelerator design coupled with an IMT RISC-V microprocessor.
  6. Dello Sterpaio, A. Marino, P. Nannipieri, G. Dinelli, L. Fanucci. AXI4LV: Design and Implementation of a Full Speed AMBA AXI4 Burst DMA Interface for LabVIEW FPGA.
  7. Ahmad, N. Khan Baloch, F. Hussain, M. Asif Khan, M. Martina. 3D-HEVC Neighboring Block Based Disparity Vector (NBDV) Derivation Architecture: Complexity and Implementation Analysis.