2018 Edition

Chair: Sergio Saponara, Alessandro De Gloria

Proceedings: LINK

Program: LINK

Pisa,  September 26-27, 2018


From Silicon Gate to Microprocessors to AI to Consciousness
F. Faggin


An Artificial Vision Module for Electrical Vehicle Wireless Charging on Raspberry PI 3
Kobeissi, F. Bellotti, R. Berta, A. De Gloria.

Analysis of Cybersecurity Weakness in Automotive In-Vehicle Networking and Hardware Accelerators for Real-time Cryptography
Baldanzi, L. Crocetti, M. Bertolucci, L. Fanucci, S. Saponara.

Testing Facility for the Characterization of the Integration of E-Vehicles into Smart Grid in Presence of Renewable Energy
Ferrari, A. Flammini, M. Pasetti, S. Rinaldi, F. Simoncini, E. Sisinni.

On-the-fly Secure Group Communication on CAN Bus
Grammatikakis, N. Mouzakitis, E. Ntallaris, V. Piperaki, K. Patelis, G. Vougioukalos.

Neuromuscular Disorders Assessment by FPGA-based SVM Classification of Synchronized EEG/EMG
De Venuto, G. Mezzina.

Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy System Validation for Simultaneous EEG-fNIRS Measurements
Giaconia, G. Greco, L. Mistretta, R. Rizzo, A. Merla, A. Chiarelli, F. Zappasodi, G. Edlinger.

Optoelectronic Microsystem for Quick and Label-free Bacteria Detection.
Ciminelli, D. Conteduca, F. Dell’Olio, M. Cito, G. Brunetti, M. Armenise, T. Krauss.

HGIS: a Healthcare-oriented Approach to Geographic Information Systems.
Batista, A. Martínez, M. Peña, X. Singla, A. Solanas.

Main Parasitic Effects in Contactless Wafer Testing.
Finocchiaro, G. Girlando, A. Motta, A. Pagani, G. Palmisano.

Study of Low-Dose Long-Exposure Gamma Radiation Effects on InP DBR Cavity Lasers from Generic Integration Technology.
Gambini, N. Andriolli, V. Nurra, M. Chiesa, F. Petroni, S. Faralli.

Technological Advances Towards 4H-SiC JBS Diodes for Wind Power Applications.
Büttner, T. Erlbacher, A. Bauer.

A Scalable 2D, Low Power Airflow Probe for Unmanned Vehicle and WSN Applications.
Bruschi, A. Ria, M. Piotto.

Electronics System for Velocity Profile Emulation.
Russo, V. Meacci, S. Ricci.

An Ultra-Low Cost Triboelectric Flowmeter.
Bertacchini, P. Pavan.

Electro-Thermal Characterization and Modeling of a 4-Wire Microheater for Lab-On-Chip Systems.
Scorzoni, P. Placidi, P. Valigi, N. Lovecchio.

Toward the Real Time implementation of the 2-D Frequency-Domain Vector Doppler method.
Rossi, M. Lenge, A. Dallai, A. Ramalli, E. Boni.

A Field Experiment of Rainfall Intensity Estimation Based on the Analysis of Satellite-to-Earth Microwave Link Attenuation.
Colli, M. Stagnaro, A. Caridi, L. G. Lanza, A. Randazzo, M. Pastorino, D. Caviglia, A. Delucchi.

A Face Recognition System Using Off-the-Shelf Feature Extractors and an Ad-hoc Classifier.
Marsi, J. Bhattacharya, F. Guzzi, S. Carrato, G. Ramponi, L. De Bortoli, F. Cicala, A. Canziani.

Twiddle Factor Generation Using Chebyshev Polynomials and HDL for Frequency Domain Beamforming.
Akkad, A. Mansour, B. Elhassan, M. Najem, F. Le Roy.

A LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Network for Data Center Temperature Monitoring.
Polonelli, D. Brunelli, A. Bartolini, L. Benini.

Wireless Low Energy System Architecture for Event-Driven Surface Electromyography.
Rossi, P. Motto Ros, S. Sapienza, P. Bonato, E. Bizzi, D. Demarchi.

Activity Monitoring and Phase Detection Using a Portable EMG/ECG System.
D. Scherz, R. Seepold, N. Martinez Madrid, P. Crippa, G. Biagetti, L. Falaschetti, C. Turchetti.

Transformer Design for 77-GHz Down-Converter in 28-nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology.
Cavarra, C. Nocera, G. Papotto, E. Ragonese, G. Palmisano.

Investigating an active cooling system powered by a thermoelectric generator.
Tosato, D. Brunelli, M. Rossi.

A Smart Torque Control for a High Efficiency 4WD Electric Vehicle.
Cordopatri, G. Cocorullo.

Experimental analysis of Battery Management System algorithms of Li-ion batteries.
Garbuglia, M. Unterhost, L. Buccolini, S. Orcioni, M. Conti.

Design of Low-Power Approximate LMS Filters with Precision-Scalability.
Esposito, G. Di Meo, D. De Caro, A. Strollo, E. Napoli.

An Optimized Partial-Distortion-Elimination Based Sum-of-Absolute-Differences Architecture for High-Efficiency-Video-Coding.
Selvo, M. Masera, R. Peloso, G. Masera, M. Shafique, M. Martina.

Efficient Ensemble Machine Learning implementation on FPGA using Partial Reconfiguration.
C. Cardarilli, L. Di Nunzio, R. Fazzolari, D. Giardino, M. Matta, M. Re, F. Silvestri, S. Spanò.

Synthesis Time Reconfigurable Floating Point Unit for Transprecision Computing.
Stazi, F. Silvestri, A. Mastrandrea, M. Olivieri, F. Menichelli.

Radiation Hardness by Design Techniques for 1 Grad TID Rad-Hard Systems in 65 nm standard CMOS Technologies.
Ciarpi, S. Saponara, G. Magazzù, F. Palla.


Context-Aware Environments in Passenger Train Transportation Systems: Ideas, Feasibility and Risks.
Falcone, C. Patsakis, A. Solanas.

Automatic Perishable Goods Shelf Life Optimization in No-Refrigerated Warehouses by Using a WSN-based Architecture.
De Venuto, G. Mezzina.

FPGA-Based Multi Cycle Parallel Architecture for Real-Time Processing in Ultrasound Applications.
Meacci, E. Boni, A. Dallai, A. Ramalli, M. Scaringella, F. Guidi, D. Russo, S. Ricci.

Adaptive Tuning System and Parameter Estimation of a Digitally Controlled Boost Converter with STM32.
Vitale, A. Pagano, L. Mistretta, C. Giaconia.

Developing a Machine Learning Library for Microcontrollers.
Parodi, F. Bellotti, R. Berta, A. De Gloria.

The Case for RISC-V in Space.
Di Mascio, A. Menicucci, G. Furano, C. Monteleone, M. Ottavi.

Encoder-Motor Misalignment Compensation for Closed-Loop Hybrid Stepper Motor Control.
Ricci, V. Meacci, D. Russo, R. Matera.

Fully Integrated Galvanically Isolated DC-DC Converters Based on Inductive Coupling.
Ragonese, A. Parisi, N. Spina, G. Palmisano.

A Distributed Condition Monitoring System for the Non-Invasive Temperature Measurement of Heat Fluids Circulating in Turbomachinery Pipes Based on Self-Powered Sensing Nodes.
Addabbo, E. Landi, R. Moretti, M. Mugnaini, L. Parri, M. Tani.

Towards Subsea Non-ohmic Power Transfer via a Capacitor-like Structure.
Mohamed, V. Palazzi, S. Kumar, F. Alimenti, P. Mezzanotte, L. Roselli.

A Robust Sensing Node for Wireless Monitoring of Drinking Water Quality.
Mezzera, M. Di Mauro, M. Tizzoni, A. Turolla, M. Antonelli, M. Carminati.

Doubly-Balanced Gilbert Cell Down-Conversion Mixer in AMS 0.35 um SiGe CMOS for Mode-1 MB-OFDM UWB Receivers.
Cammarata, G. Fieramosca, B. Neri, S. Saponara, F. Baronti.

Efficient Implementation of Recurrent Neural Network Accelerators.
Abdolzadeh, N. Petra

Ultrasound Measurement of the Peak Blood Flow Based on a Doppler Spectrum Model.
Matera, D. Vilkomerson, S. Ricci.

Embedded System to Recognize Movement and Breathing in Assisted Living Environments.
Rodriguez de Trujillo, R. Seepold, M. Gaiduk, N. Martínez Madrid, S. Orcioni, M. Conti.

Energy Harvesting with Current Sensors to Sustain Embedded IoT Platforms.
Nardello, D. Brunelli.

A PXI Based Implementation of a TLK2711 Equivalent Interface.
Dello Sterpaio, P. Nannipieri, A. Marino, L. Fanucci.

An FPGA-based Real-Time Acquisition System for a Distributed Acoustic Sensor based on Φ-OTDR.
Martina, Y. Muanenda, S. Faralli, F. Di Pasquale.

Sound-based detection and ranging system as example application of a rapid prototyping and low-cost technology for board-level electronic systems education.
Di Pascoli, G. Ciarpi, S. Saponara.

Approximate Memory support for Linux Early Allocators in ARM architectures.
Stazi, A. Mastrandrea, M. Olivieri, F. Menichelli.

Fully Digital Low-Power Implementation of an Audio Front-End for Portable Applications.
Meoni, L. Pilato, G: Ciarpi, A. Palla, L. Fanucci.

Comparison and Implementation of Variable Fractional Delay Filters for Wideband Digital Beamforming.
C. Cardarilli, D. Giardino, M. Matta, M. Re, F. Silvestri, L. Simone, S. Spanò

Autonomous Sail Surface Boats, Design and Testing Results of the MOUNTAINS Prototype.
Boni, M. Montagni, L. Pugi.

A Low Cost ALS and VLC Circuit for Solid State Lighting.
Ruo Roch, M. Martina.

Chamberlin State-variable Filter Structure in FPGA for Musical Applications.
Ricci, M. Silvestrini, M. Conti, M. Caldari, F. Ripa.

Brake Blending and Optimal Torque Allocation Strategies for Innovative Electric Powertrains.
Pugi, T. Favilli, L. Berzi, E. Locorotondo, M. Pierini.

Smart Coaster: an Example of IoT Design and Implementation.
Rossi, M. Nardello, D. Brunelli.

IP Generator for Efficient Hardware Acceleration of Self-Organizing Maps.
D. Giardino, M. Matta, M. Re, F. Silvestri, S. Spanò.