2022 Edition

Chair: Riccardo Berta Proceedings: LINK Program: LINK Genova,  September 26-27, 2023 Keynotes Session 1 – Internet of Things Session 2 – Hardware acceleration Session 3 – Machine Learning Session 4 – Transport, Energy, Security, Health Short Session 1 Short Session 2

2020 Edition

Chair: Sergio Saponara Proceedings: LINK Special Issues: [Sensors, Energies] Program: LINK Online,  November 19-20, 2020 Keynotes Session 1 – AI and ML Techniques Session 2 – Environmental Monitoring and E-health Session 3 – Electronics for Health and Assisted living Session 4 – Digital Techniques for Mechatronics, Energy and Critical Systems Session 5 – RF, Photonic Circuits … More 2020 Edition

2019 Edition

Chair: Sergio Saponara Proceedings: LINK Special Issues: Energies, Sensors Program: LINK Pisa,  September 11-13, 2019 Session 1 – Rad-Hard Electronics Croci, A. Morozzi, P. Placidi, D. Passeri. Advanced Radiation Sensors VLSI Design in CMOS technology for High Energy Physics Applications. Cammarata, G. Ciarpi, S. Faralli, P. Velha, G. Magazzù, F. Palla, S. Saponara. Design, Operation and … More 2019 Edition

2018 Edition

Chair: Sergio Saponara, Alessandro De Gloria Proceedings: LINK Program: LINK Pisa,  September 26-27, 2018 Keynotes: From Silicon Gate to Microprocessors to AI to Consciousness F. Faggin FagginFoundation Presentations An Artificial Vision Module for Electrical Vehicle Wireless Charging on Raspberry PI 3 Kobeissi, F. Bellotti, R. Berta, A. De Gloria. Analysis of Cybersecurity Weakness in Automotive … More 2018 Edition

2017 Edition

Chair: Alessandro De Gloria Proceedings: LINK Rome,  September 20-21, 2017 Keynotes: Sensing electronic systems for autonomous vehicles Sergio Saponara University of Pisa, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Luciano Pini ST Microelectronics Presentations FPGA based Digital Lock-In Amplifier for fNIRS systems G. Costantino Giaconia, Giuseppe Greco, Leonardo Mistretta and Raimondo Rizzo FPGA Implementation of a Low-power QRS extractor … More 2017 Edition

2016 Edition

Chair: Alessandro De Gloria Proceedings: LINK Rome,  September 20-21, 2016 Keynotes: Luca Benini Giovanni Busatto and Paolo Mattavelli Presentations Long-range Radio for Underground Sensors in Geothermal Energy Systems E. Bedeschi, D. Brunelli, M. Ferrari, F. Tinti and A. Barbaresi Low dose-rate, high total dose testing for rad-hard CMOS I/O circuits C. Pace, L. Fragomeni, A. … More 2016 Edition