2022 Edition

Chair: Riccardo Berta

Proceedings: LINK


Genova,  September 26-27, 2023


  1. Many Shades of TinyML: an Open-Hardware Platform Perspective (L. Benini , ETH Zurich)
  2. STMicroelectronics, Driving innovation (M. Losi, D. Pau, G. Ricotti, B. Murari,STMicroelectronics)
  3. A Chips Act for Europe: vision and remarks (E. Sangiorgi, University of Bologna)
  4. Invited Talk 4 (M. Chiabrera, Inventum Semiconductors)
  5. Invited Talk 5 (C. Cavazzoni, Leonardo HPC Labs)

Session 1 Internet of Things

  1. A. Bentivogli, T. Polonelli, M. Magno, G Comai. Enabling Predictive Maintenance on Electric Motors through a Self-sustainable Wireless Sensor Node
  2. M. Fresta, F. Bellotti, A. Capello, M. Cossu, L. Lazzaroni, A. De Gloria, R. Berta. Efficient Uploading of .csv Datasets into a Non-Relational Database Management System
  3. F. Lo Valvo, G. Baiamonte, G. C. Giaconia. Microcontroller based Edge Computing for Pipe Leakage Detection
  4. F. Zonzini, M. Zauli, L. De Marchi. eSysId: Embedded System Identification for Vibration Monitoring at the Extreme Edge
  5. A. Vella, G. Galioto, G. C. Giaconia. Microcontroller Based Portable Measurement System for GaN and SiC Devices Characterization
  6. A. Bertacchini, Y. Ricci. Design-Time Tool for Energy Harvesting Solutions
  7. C. Riboldi, D. Crafa, M. Carminati. Design and Validation of an Electronic Unit for Monitoring Water Distribution in Plastic Pipes

Session 2 – Hardware acceleration

  1. S. Di Matteo, S. Saponara, R. Locatelli. Design and Implementation on FPGA of a HW Accelerator for Post-Quantum RLWE Polynomial Operations
  2. T. Addabbo, A. Fort, E. Landi, R. Moretti, M. Mugnaini, V. Vignoli. A Novel Front-End Circuit for the Digital Conversion of QCM-D Responses for FPGA-based Frequency Measurements
  3. A. Donisi, L. Di Benedetto, R. Liguori, G. D. Licciardo, A. Rubino. A FPGA HardWare Architecture for AZSPWM based on a Taylor Series Decomposition
  4. F. Cosimi, F. Tronci, S. Saponara, P. Gai. Analysis, Design and Synthesis of an Execution TracingUnit (ETU) based on AUTOSAR Run-Time Interface (ARTI)
  5. K. Koleci, L. Cecchetti, G. Masera, M. Martina, M. Ruo Roch. A Side Channel Attack methodology applied to Code-based Post Quantum Cryptography
  6. G. Ciarpi, G. Puccioni, M. Mestice, D. Monda, D. Rossi, S. Saponara. A 2 GHz Wide Tuning Range LC-Tank Digitally Controlled Oscillator in 28 nm CMOS Technology

Session 3 – Machine Learning

  1. E. Ragusa, M. Pastorino Ghezzi, R. Zunino, P. Gastaldo. Affordance segmentation using RGB-D sensors for application in portable embedded systems
  2. R. Molina, V. Carrer, M. Ballina, M. Liz Crespo, L. Bollati, D. Sequeiro, S. Marsi, G. Ramponi. ML based classifier for precision agriculture on embedded systems.
  3. L. Lazzaroni, F. Bellotti, A. Capello, M. Cossu, A. De Gloria, R. Berta. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automated Car Parking
  4. A. Elhanashi, K. Gasmi, A. Begni, P. Dini, Q. Zheng, S. Saponara. Machine learning techniques for anomaly-based detection system on CSE-CIC-IDS2018 dataset
  5. M. Ruo Roch, M. Martina, D. Errico, M. Re, V. Colombo, G. C. Cardarilli. AI-based Sound Event Detection on IoT nodes: Requirements Evaluation
  6. M. Angioli, M. Barbirotta, A. Cheikh, A. Mastrandrea, F. Menichelli, S. Jamili, M. Olivieri. Contextual Bandits Algorithms for Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators

Session 4 – Transport, Energy, Security, Health

  1. N. Nicodemo, R. Di Rienzo, A. Verani, F. Baronti, R. Roncella, R. Saletti. Low-Cost Lithium-Ion Battery Characterization Setup Based on Auxiliary Batteries
  2. G. Mezzina, C. L. Saragaglia, M. Barbareschi, S. De Simone, A. Moriconi, D. Serra, D. De Venuto. Model-based Vital Control Architecture for Highly Automated Train Operations
  3. M. Hajj Hassan, A. Ibrahim, A. Moshen. Simulation of the Exposure of the Human Head to 5G Electromagnetic Radiation
  4. D. Iero, R. Carotenuto, M. Merenda, F. Della Corte. A Short-range Free-Space Optical Communication System for Space-Assembled Microsatellites
  5. M. Mestice, G. Biondi, G. Ciarpi, D. Rossi, S. Saponara. A Low-Area, Low-Power, Wide Tuning Range Digitally Controlled Oscillator for Power Management Systems in 28 nm CMOS technology
  6. A. di Toma, G. Brunetti, N. Sasanelli, M. N. Armenise, C. Ciminelli. Sorting of live/dead Escherichia Coli by means of dielectrophoresis for rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Short Session 1

  1. J. Agnelli, D. Benedetti, N. Fantuzzi. Soluble mandrel technology to produce parts in composite material for Formula 1
  2. L. Urbinati, M. R. Casu. A Reconfigurable 2D-Convolution Accelerator for DNNs Quantized with Mixed-Precision
  3. W. F. Samayoa, B. Valinoti, R. Molina, L. G. Garcia Ordonez, M. L. Crespo, S. Carrato, A. Cicuttin, S. Levorato. Diagnostic analytics for pixelated particle detectors: A case study
  4. M. Cossu, R. Berta, A. Capello, L. Lazzaroni, A. De Gloria, F. Bellotti. Developing a Toolchain for Synthetic Driving Scenario Datasets
  5. A. Martínez-Ballesté, N. Villalobos, E. Batista, P. López-Aguilar, A. Solanas. Ticketing Systems for Smart Public Transportation: Tools at the User Side
  6. G. Campiti, M. Tagliente, G. Brunetti, M. N. Armenise, C. Ciminelli. Debris Detection and Tracking through On-board LiDAR
  7. L. Canese, G. C. Cardarilli, L. Di Nunzio, R. Fazzolari, M. Re, S. Spanò. Automatic IP core generator for FPGA-based Q-Learning hardware accelerators.
  8. J. Qadir, I. Butun, P. Gastaldo, D. D. Caviglia. Review of Security Vulnerabilities in LoRaWAN
  9. G. Sansone, M. Cococcioni. Experiments on Speeding Up the Recursive Fast Fourier Transform by using AVX-512 SIMD instructions
  10. L. Gemma, M. Bernard, D. Brunelli. An Image Processing Algorithm to Optimize the Output Configuration of a Photonic Integrated Circuit
  11. M. A. Mansoori, M. R. Casu. Multi-objective Framework for Training and Hardware Cooptimization in FPGAs
  12. A. Torrisi, F. Baggio, D. Brunelli. Transiently-Powered Batteryless Device-to-Device Communication Protocol Simulator

Short Session 2

  1. H. Li, H. Wu, Q. Zheng, Y. Liu, A. Elhanashi, S. Saponara. Digital Modulation Recognition Method Based on High-order Cumulant Feature Learning
  2. G. Brunetti, N. Saha, G. Campiti, A. di Toma, N. Sasanelli, F. Hassan, M. N. Armenise, C. Ciminelli. Integrated Photonics for NewSpace
  3. S. Jamili, A. Cheikh, A. Mastrandrea, M. Barbirotta, F. Menichelli, M. Angioli, M. Olivieri. Implementation of Dynamic Acceleration Unit Exchange on a RISC-V Soft-Processor
  4. A. Capello, L. Forneris, A. Pighetti, F. Bellotti, L. Lazzaroni, M. Cossu, A. De Gloria, R. Berta. Investigating High-Level Decision Making for Automated Driving
  5. Y. He, H. Wu, Q. Zheng, Y. Liu, A. Elhanashi, S. Saponara. A Blind Modulation Classification Method Based on Decision Tree and High Order Cumulants
  6. F. Rossi, L. Fiaschi, M. Cococcioni, S. Saponara. Design and FPGA Synthesis of BAN Processing Unit for non-Archimedean Number Crunching
  7. A. Alessandrini, N. Baldanzini, L. Berzi, F. Cignini, T. Favilli, A. Niccolai, F. Ortenzi, L. Pugi. Prototyping and Preliminary Testing of a Revamped Electric Bus with a Fast Recharge System
  8. E. Batista, O. Villanova, J: Rosell-Llompart, F. J. Huera-Huarte, A. Martínez-Ballesté, A. Solanas. On the Deployment of Low-Cost Sensors to Enable Context-Aware Smart Classrooms
  9. Z. Sun, H. Wu, Q. Zheng, Y. Liu, A. Elhanashi, S. Saponara. Modulation Recognition Method Based on BP Neural Network
  10. M. Grammatikakis, S. Ninidakis, G. Kornaros, D. Bakoyiannis. Towards Efficient Gateways and Servers for Biosensors
  11. G. Simonte, R. Di Rienzo, F. Baronti, R. Roncella, R. Saletti. Improvement of Sodium-Metal Halide Battery electrical equivalent model including temperature dependency
  12. M. Cocci, L. Pugi, E. Boni, M. Delogu, A. Rocchetti, L. Socci, N Andreini. Radio Frequency Drying of Wool Fabrics
  13. M. Cocci, M. Delogu, L. Berzi, L. Pugi. Preliminary Design and Simulation of a Transport and Winding System of an Innovative Radio Frequency Dryer
  14. A. Begni, P. Dini, S. Saponara. Design and Test of an LSTM-based Algorithm for Li-ion Batteries Remaining Useful Life Estimation
  15. M. Donati, A. Bechini, C. D’Anna, B. Fattori, M. Marini, M. Olivelli, S. Pelagatti, G. Ricci, E. Schirinzi, G. Siciliano, M. Tavosanis, F. Torri, N. Vanello, L. Fanucci. A clinical tool for prognosis and speech rehabilitation in dysarthric patients: the DESIRE project