2015 Edition

Chair: Alessandro De Gloria

Proceedings: LINK

Rome,  May 5-6, 2015


Internet of Things
Flavio Scarrà, Vice President of Technical Marketing, Digital & Imaging & Photonics Groups at STMicroelectronics, San Francisco U.S.A.


A New FPGA-based Architecture for Iterative and Space-variant Image Processing
S. Marsi, S. Carrato and G. Ramponi

Test Equipment and Methodology
C. Pace, J. L. Hernandez Ambato

A SystemVerilog-UVM methodology for the design, simulation and verification of complex readout chips in High Energy Physics applications
S. Marconi, E. Conti, P. Placidi, A. Scorzoni, J. Christiansen and T. Hemperek

An optimization device for Series Parallel connected PV plants
E. Riva Sanseverino, C. Giaconia, V. Li Vigni, P. Di Buono, P. Romano, M. Iannello and V. Tirrasi

New X-ray radiation sensor for dosimetry imaging
C. Pace, E. Pikhay, A. Santaniello, Y. Nemirovsky, Y. Roizin, Tower Jazz, Migdal Haemek and Technion

System-level Analysis for Integrated Power Amplifier Design in mmWave Consumer Wireless Communications
S. Saponara and B. Neri

Embedded Electronic Systems for Tactile Data Processing
A. Ibrahim, M. Valle, H. Chible and L. Noli

Embedded System for In-Line Characterization of Industrial Fluids
S. Ricci, V. Meacci, B. Birkhofer and J. Wiklund

Sensormind: virtual sensing and complex event detection for Internet of Things
D. Brunelli, G. Gallo and L. Benini

A Low-Cost, Open-Source Cyber Physical System for Remotely Controlled Precision Agriculture
D. Cimino, A. Ferrero, L. Queirolo, F. Bellotti, R. Berta and A. De Gloria

A short term simulator for vessel manoeuvres prediction
P. Neri and B. Neri

Assessment of Driver Behavior Based on Machine Learning Approaches in a Social Gaming Scenario
G. Dange, P. Paranthaman, M. Samaritani, F. Bellotti, R. Berta and A. De Gloria

A Smart LED Light Control System for Environmentally Friendly Buildings
M. Magno, T. Polonelli and L. Benini

Narrowband Delay Tolerant Protocols for WSN Applications: Characterization and parameters optimization
C. S. Malavenda, F. Menichelli and M. Olivieri

UDOO-based environmental monitoring system
G. Borrello, E. Salvato, Z. Marinkovic and N. Donato

Smart Wearable Sensing System For The Detection Of Human Motion Disorders
F. Irrera, P. Lorenzi, G. Romano, R. Rao, A. Kita, M. Serpa, F. Filesi, M. Bologna, A. Suppa and A. Berardelli

Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection: A COTS-Based Prototype
A. Pulimeno, M. Vacca, M. R. Casu, J. A. Tobon Vasquez, F. Vipiana, D. Jahier Pagliari, R. Solimene and L. P. Carloni

A low cost and portable device for home care breath sensing
D. Germanese, M. D’Acunto, A. Benassi, R. Leone, M. Magrini, P. Paradisi, M. Righi, D. Puppi and O. Salvetti

A Novel Technique for the CMRR Improvement in a Portable ECG System
P. Di Buono, L. Mistretta and C. Giaconia

Enabling technologies for the in-house monitoring of vital signs in chronic patients
M. Donati, A. Celli, A. Benini, L. Fanucci and S. Saponara,

Hardware Design, Measuring Tissue Compression: A Circuit for Sensing and Signal Conditioning
S. Hermann, P. Thomas, M. Burke and R. Reilly, P. Thomas

Wearable Speech Enhancement System for Motor Impaired People
A. Palla, L. Fanucci, R. Sannino and M. Settin

A Wireless Personal Sensor Node for Real Time Dosimetry of Interventional Radiology Operators
D. Magalotti, P. Placidi, L. Servoli, A. Scorzoni, S. Fabiani, L. Bissi, A. Calandra, M. Paolucci and G. Verzellesi

A portable system for the monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen in aquatic environment
L. Lombardo, J. Zhang, S. G. Leonardi, D. Aloisio, G. Neri, D. Li and N. Donato

RF-powered HF-RFID analog sensors platform
D. Iero, C. Felini, M. Merenda and F. Della Corte

Real-time and wireless diagnostics of high concentration solar cells with a dedicated CMOS IC
C. Felini, M. Merenda and F. Della Corte, D. Verdilio, M. Carpanelli and G. Borelli

A wireless sensor node based on Microbial Fuel Cell
S. Acciarito, G. C. Cardarilli, L. Di Nunzio, R. Fazzolari and M. Re

Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring of Aerostructures
A. Corniani, S. Faccini, E. Turri, N. Testoni and L. De Marchi