2014 Edition

Chair: Alessandro De Gloria

Proceedings: LINK

Rome,  May 5-6, 2014


Moore? No Moore! The new Renaissance is here
Flavio Scarrà, Vice President of Technical Marketing, Digital & Imaging & Photonics Groups at STMicroelectronics, San Francisco U.S.A.


Analysis of Spread-Spectrum Clocking Modulations Under Synchronization Timing Constraint
Davide De Caro, Michele De Martino, Nicola Petra, Antonio G.M. Strollo

Towards a Frequency Domain Processor for Real-Time SIFT-based Filtering
Giorgio Lopez, Ettore Napoli, Antonio G.M. Strollo

Implementation of a Spread-spectrum-based Smart Lighting System on an Embedded Platform
Maurizio Martina, Massimo Ruo Roch, Flavio Ghirardi

High Speed VLSI Architecture for Finding the First W Maximum/minimum Values
Guoing Xiao, Waqar Ahmad, Syed Azhar Ali Zaidi, Massimo Ruo Roch, Giovanni Causapruno

Fully Integrated 60 GHz Transciever for Wireless HD/WiGig Short-range Multi-Gbit Connections
Sergio Saponara, Bruno Neri

A Robust Tracking Algorithm for Super-resolution Reconstruction of Vehicle License Plates
Stefano Marsi, Sergio Carrato, Giovanni Ramponi

A GPU 3D Segmentation framework for Medical Imaging
Francesca Galluzzo, Luca De Marchi, Nicola Testoni,Guido Masetti

Design and Implementation of a Portable fNIRS Embedded System
Diego Agrò, Riccardo Canicattì, Maurizio Pinto, Giuseppe Morsellino, Alessandro Tomasino, Gabriele Adamo, Luciano Curcio, Antonino Parisi, Salvatore Stivala, Natale Galioto, Alessandro Busacca, Costantino Giaconia

Pathological Voice Analysis via Digital Signal Processing
Francesco Lo Bue, Natale Galioto, Costantino Giaconia

A Real-time FPGA-based Solution for Binary Image Thinning
Daniele Davalle, Berardino Carnevale, Sergio Saponara, Luca Fanucci, Pierangelo Terreni

Augmented Reality tools for Structural Health Monitoring applications
Luca De Marchi, Alessandro Ceruti, Nicola Testoni, Alessandro Marzani and Alfredo Liverani

Low cost FMCW Radar Design and Implementation for Harbour Surveillance Applications
Stefano Lischi, Riccardo Massini, Luca Musetti, Daniele Staglianò, Fabrizio Berizzi, Bruno Neri, Sergio Saponara

Healthcare System for Non-invasive Fall Detection in Indoor Environment
Marco Mercuri, Carmine Garripoli, Peter Karsmakers, Ping Jack Soh, Guy A. E. Vandenbosch, Calogero Pace, Paul Leroux, Dominique Schreurs

Open platforms for the advancement of ultrasound research
Enrico Boni, Luca Bassi, Alessandro Dallai, Gabriele Giannini, Francesco Guidi, Valentino Meacci, Alessandro Ramalli, Stefano Ricci, Piero Tortoli

2D and 3D Palmprint extraction by an Automated Ultrasound System
Antonio Iula, Gabriel Hine, Alessandro Ramalli, Francesco Guidi, Enrico Boni

Developments and Applications of Electronic Nose Systems for Gas Mixtures Classification and Concentration Estimation
Calogero Pace, Letizia Fragomeni, Walaa Khalaf

AA-Battery Sized Energy Harvesting Power Management Module for Indoor Light Wireless Sensor Applications
Alessandro Vinco, Rashid Siddique, Davide Brunelli, Wensi Wang.

Low cost electrical current sensors with extremely wide measurement range
Natale Galioto, Francesco Lo Bue, Leonardo Mistretta, Costantino Giaconia

Squeeze the lemon: balancing as a mean to use every drop of energy in a Lithium-battery
Federico Baronti, Roberto Roncella, Roberto Saletti

Advancements on Silicon Ultrasound Probes (CMUT) for Medical Imaging Applications
Giosue Caliano, Alessandro Stuart Savoia

Self-powered Active Cooling System for High Performance Processors
Maurizio Rossi, Luca Rizzon, Matteo Fait, Roberto Passerone, Davide Brunelli

c-Walker: a Cyber-Physical System for Ambient Assisted Living
Luca Rizzon, Federico Moro, Roberto Passerone, David Macii, Daniegle Fontanelli, Payam Nazemzadeh, Michele Corrà, Luigi Palopoli, Domenico Prattichizzo

A Framework for Network-On-Chip Comparison Based on OpenSPARC T2 Processor
Giovanni Causapruno, Alessandro Audero, Sergio Tota, Mariagrazia Graziano, Massimo Ruo Roch

A Platform-based Emulator for Mass-storage Flash Cards Evaluation in Embedded Systems
Francesco Menichelli, Mauro Olivieri

Machine Learning-based System for Detecting Unseen Malicious Software
Federica Bisio, Claudia Meda, Paolo Gastaldo, Rodolfo Zunino, Stefano Nasta

A Model-Based Methodology to Generate Code for Timer Units
Marco Marazza, Francesco Menichelli, Mauro Olivieri, Orlando Ferrante, Alberto Ferrari